Chemical Peels

Classic Peel (30 min.) $100 Book

Fast acting single source acid or enzyme peel. Safe to use on most skin types as often as every week in a series. Minimal to mild peeling is expected.

Managed Peel (30 Min.) $150 Book

A customizable blend of acids and antioxidants, specifically for complicated skin issues or goals. May be repeated as often as every 14 days. One may experience zero to moderate peeling depending on desired outcome.

Nano Peel (45 min.) $200 Book

Cutting edge technology with a more predictable result. Minimal discomfort with minimal to no downtime depending on desired outcome.

Dubai Lips (30 min.) $100 Book

Indicated to treat dark spots/hyperpigmentation and lip photoaging. Best in a series.

Body Peel Treatments

A blend of acids designed to exfoliate and rejuvenate skin on the body. You can expect mild sluffing leading to softened and hydrated skin. The best time to do this is at least 1 week before a trip or expected skin exposure

Body Smoothing Chest Peel   $150  Book

Body Smoothing Arms Peel  • $175  Book

Body Smoothing Full Back Peel  • $225  Book

Body Smoothing Half Legs Peel  • $225  Book



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