How do you know if HydraFacial MD is right for you?

Many of my patients ask me “do I need a HydraFacial”

My answer is well, No one really needs a HydraFacial, however for the money you can really address a lot of possible skin issues or concerns all at once. With its many award-winning treatment modalities, it can optimize your skins function, brighten lack luster skin, do extractions, hydrate, detoxify, treat dark spots, minimize redness and infuse a chemical peel. This can all be done safety in just one treatment.  

Here are all the treatment modalities and what they are for.

Infrared and far infrared light (NASA technology designed for health skin in suboptimal conditions) Blue light therapy known to safely neutralizing unwanted bacteria on the skin. A perfect choice for acne or rosacea

Exfoliation, both mechanical and chemical. This is very important for skin health. As a matter of fact without exfoliation you would not make new healthy skin cells at all. Did you know it is a supply and demand kind of system? Exfoliation is to skin as exercise is to muscles.

Most people need both kinds of exfoliation to optimize cell production. Those with oilier skin usually need a little assist. 

Painless Extraction: This is brilliant, the specific handpiece emulsifies the sebum or black head while an adjustable suction is pulling those bad boys out .. no muss no fuss.  .. 

Lymphatic drainage, an important part of detoxification and cellular permeation. This treatment encourages circulation and lymph flow.  Both bring much needed nutrients to the delicate and often miss treated skin on the face.

Serum bath, the specialized tips used on the HydraFacial machine were created to exfoliate as well as infuse product into the skin. HydraFacial has created a combination of serums that are caulked full of growth factors, antioxidants and humectants that can be customized for each client.

Treatment ampule: HydraFacial designed and additional hand piece that holds treatment ampules there are several to choose from. Chemical peels of different strengths and dermal growth factors for an extra luminosity of the skin.

Now you can see that there are many benefits to the HydraFacial, how one chooses whether to have one or not is honesty an individual one. I would offer that you think of these things.

  • Consider the time (it is only 75 min 1 treatment)
  • The cost is $200 per treatment. But can be reduced if purchased in a series to as low as $170 per treatment.
  • And the amount of treatment modalities during one setting are about $400 if you were to have them individually and would take much more time.

Pelage has been an avid supporter of HydraFacial since early 2000, We were the first placement in Washington state ..

If after reading this information you think you might want to try it .. please give us a call or go on line an book your treatment.

It has been wonderful to watch the evolution of this machine. The brains behind it truly care about the science of skin. This dedication maps to the core of Pelage Medi Spa and our practice.

Your best skin is one phone call away.

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