Veins or Red Mole Removal

Walk in with unwanted veins or moles and walk out without them. This is a quick treatment for most veins. Pricing varies depending on the vein size and complexity. If you have not been in for laser with us before you will need to have a doctors sign off before we can perform any laser treatments. Sign offs are free of charge and can be performed on the same day as treatment if time allows. Please call for any additional information or help with booking sign off.

What you need to know:

1. After the laser treatment, the targeted vein or red mole will collapse and be reabsorbed by the body over 2-8 weeks

2. The laser specialist will target the larger veins first. since they are often the feeders of the smaller veins.

3. Facial areas are often successfully treated in one treatment; legs can take several treatments to achieve the best results

4. For best results treating unwanted leg veins, we strongly recommend that you avoid running or any aggressive sport or exercise for 7 days and wear support stocking(s) for 2 weeks.

5. For best results on legs it is recommended you wear support stockings immediately after treatment and then for 7 days.  Services range from 30 - 45 min and are priced from $150 - $285 depending on the area being treated, the vein structure, and whether or not the client has had previous treatments.  Your cost will be determined during your consultation.

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