Permanent Cosmetics/Nano Brow

Micropigmentation “Permanent Cosmetics “is a longer lasting solution for permanent cosmetics.  A combination of hair like strokes and a blended background looks the best for natural looking brows. This type of tattooing can last up to 7 years.

Microblading “a popular BUZZ word” for filling in sparse brows temporally. This fast, safe technique gives you the feathery full brows with the worry of permanence.

Removal or Repairs: You don’t have to live with uneven or unsightly permanent cosmetics. Most permanent cosmetic tattoos can be removed or repaired

Tattoo artists are licensed with the state of Washington

Permanent Cosmetic Services

Upper Eyelids (90 min.) $400 (includes 1 follow up visit) Book

Lower Eyelids (90 min.) $300 (includes 1 follow up visit) Book

Both Eyelids PC (120 min.)  $575 (includes 1 follow up visit) Book

Brow Fill-in PC  (60 - 120 min.) $200 - $500 (No follow up included) Book

Full Brows PC (120 min.) $650 Book

Brow Removal or Repair PC (60 min.) $100-$400 Book

Nano Brows ( 180 min.) $650 (includes 1 follow up visit) Book

Nano Brow Fill-In (60 - 120 min.) $200 - $500 Book

Nano Brow Removal or Repair (60 - 120 min.) $200 - $500 Book

Lip Liner PC (90 min.) $600  Book

Full Lips PC (120 min.) $800 (includes 3 follow up visit) Book

Follow Up PC (60 min.) $  (includes 1 free follow-up within 2 months of the services. Lips include 2 follow-ups.) Book

Touch ups

• TBD depends on how much time of fill you need.



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