Skin Revitalization

Laser Skin Revitalization is a perfect treatment for someone with red / ruddy looking skin or mild to moderate hyperpigmentation.

This non-ablative, no down time laser treatment is suitable for most skin types.  A complimentary consultation with one of our laser Specialists will help determine if you are a good candidate for this treatment.

A wonderful side effect of this treatment is skin tightening and improving fine lines and wrinkles often associated with moderate sun exposure.  How many treatments one needs depends on factors such as Genetics, Age, Current condition of your skin and your specific goals.  The general recommendation is 4-6 treatments 2-4 weeks apart.

Post treatment you can expect mild redness with slight wind burned feeling for a few days. You can attend any event and have no restrictions except for Sunscreen.

A Nano Peel is a wonderful tandem treatment to combination with laser Rejuvenation.  Nano Peels are created to stimulate and support your skin for even better outcomes.


Face or Chest Revitalization Book

• $250

• 4x $850

Face and Chest Revitalization Book

• $500

• 4x $1700

Nano Peel  (45 min.)  $200 Book


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