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At Pelage, it’s all about you. That’s why our Advanced Skin Care Specialists believe in customizing your service each time you come in — so that you get an optimal outcome and experience every time.

We strongly believe in customization for each service. Our Advanced Skin Care Specialists will adjust your service each time you come in for an optimal outcome and experience


This therapeutic yet relaxing facial will optimize your skin and spirit.  It’s the perfect balance between relaxation and results. You will enjoy a customized selection of our most advanced products that best address your skincare concerns. This decadent service includes LED Light Therapy, Warm Detox Mud for the spine, Specialized Eye Treatment, Lymphatic Drainage, Hand and Arm Treatment, Face and Decollate Massage, Customized Masks and Extractions as needed

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Relaxing and rejuvenating, the combination of treatments and massage of the face, hand and arms are delightful. The products chosen for this facial will be tailored to your current skin care needs and concerns.

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This one of a kind service combines dermaplaning and our European custom facial. This treatment will remove dead dull skin cells, brighten and smooth your skin instantly, and reduce pore size, while removing unwanted peach fuzz or hair,  allowing for makeup to go on flawlessly!   

SAFE AND GENTLE for all skin types.

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This facial is similar to the European Facial, but tailored to the specific needs of men’s skin. It also includes a wonderful scalp and shoulder massage.

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This is a customized service. For clients who need Mild Exfoliations, Extractions or Teens struggling with breakouts.

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We have your back! Our back treatment focuses on detoxifying acne prone skin, includes extractions and a brightening minimizing further breakouts and brightening dark spots. We recommend a series of back treatments 2-3 weeks apart for optimal results especially if  for those suffering from chronic issue in this area. 

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• $75

LED Light Therapy 

• $30

Specialized Eye Treatment

• $15

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Specialized Skin Treatments

This fast-acting peel is minimally invasive, generally perfect for those that don’t want much visible peeling or (down time) We use single source acids or enzymes that help minimize mild acne, skin discoloration, fine lines, dull or lack luster skin. Can be repeated in 7- 10days.  Click here to see our more advanced chemical peels.

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Fact acting combination treatment combining acids or enzymes known to have slightly more specific results. You may have minor to mild peeling after this treatment in 2-4 days usually can be repeated in  7-14 days .  Click here to see our more advanced chemical peels.

Both peels are commonly used in combination with Microdermabrasion for amazing results.  

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A blend of acids designed to exfoliate and rejuvenate skin on the body. You can expect mild sluffing leading to softened and hydrated skin. The best time to do this is at least 1 week before a trip or expected skin exposure.


• $150


• $175

Half Back

• $125

Full Back

• $225

Feet or Hands 

• $100

Lower Legs

• $225

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We have your back! Our back treatment focuses on detoxifying acne-prone skin. It includes extractions, brightening dark spots, and minimizing further breakouts.

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Otherwise called a “flash exfoliating treatment“ utilizing plant enzymes to eliminate dull dead skin cells on the surface.   

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Need a little help clearing up unwanted blackheads or pimples, our trained skincare team will help you look your best in no time 

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Used to minimize bacteria on your skin that can cause breakouts. This treatment is helpful after waxing to prevent post waxing breakouts.

Light therapy is a wonderful add on or standalone treatment to aid in skin healing or function. Blue light will neutralize bacteria while red light helps aid healing and detoxification. 

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Lash & Brow

TintingThis semi-permanent color specifically created for the delicate area around the eyes and brows can help give you that pop of color that you need. 

And save you from having to pencil in your brows or apply mascara for 4-6 weeks. 

Lash Tint

• $40

Brow Tint:

• $25

Lash Curl (aka Lash Lift):   Natural Curl that lasts for months

• $90

Lash Perm and Lash Tint Combo

• $120

Brow Lamination: Includes Brow clean-up and tint if needed

  • $125

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Micropigmentation “Permanent Cosmetics “is a longer lasting solution for permanent cosmetics.  A combination of hair like strokes and a blended background looks the best for natural looking brows. This type of tattooing can last up to 7 years.  

Microblading “a popular BUZZ word” for filling in sparse brows temporally. This fast, safe technique gives you the feathery full brows with the worry of permanence. 

Upper Eyelids 

$400 (includes 1 follow up visit)

Lower Eyelids 

$300 (includes 1 follow up visit)

Both Eyelids        

$575 (includes 1 follow up visit)

Brow Fill-in          

$200 - $500 (No follow up included) 


• $650 (includes 1 follow up visit)

Lip Liner              

• $400-$600 (includes 2 follow up visits)

Full Lips               

• $800 (includes 3 follow up visit)

Touch ups

• TBD depends on how much time of fill you need.

Removal or Repairs: You don’t have to live with uneven or unsightly permanent cosmetics. Most permanent cosmetic tattoos can be removed or repaired. 

  • $100-$400 each visit

Tattoo artist are licensed with the state of Washington  

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Pelage uses “single use” sterile earrings designed specifically for our slick piercing gun. This system makes piercing seamless and relatively painless. We have a large assortment of earrings to choose from they all have a low incident of skin irritation. 

The Price of the earrings includes your piercing.

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Pelage uses Cirépil by Perron Rigot, a renowned French creator of high quality, low temperature waxes suitable for all techniques and skin types. Only the finest ingredients are used in its formulations. Strip and non-strip, sensitive & hypoallergenic, moisturizing & natural, scented & unscented. We strive to make each visit as comfortable as possible using the most up-to-date hygienic practices.

Brow Design • $40

Brow Maintenance   • $30 

Lip or Chin • $20 

Sideburns • $30 

Full Face (Includes Brows)  • $80  

Nose or Ears   • $15

Add Uni Brow Area • $10

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Back of Neck    • $20 

Shoulders         • $35 

Half Arms         • $40 

Full Arms          • $65 

Underarms      • $35 

Chest or Abdomen    • $50 

Lower Back   • $50

Full Back      • $80 

Regular Bikini  • $40 

Extended Bikini  • $55

Complete Bikini   • $85

Male Complete Bikini • $125

Buttocks    • $55 

Half Legs     • $60 

Hands  • $20 

Feet/Toes  • $15

Walk-in waxing welcome for face waxing.  
Specials : Combine 3 or more single areas and save 10%

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