Did you know stress is often the cause of adult acne, dry skin,

 premature ageing, and skin irritation? 

Stress activates adrenal functions, which in turn create a cascade of events in the body that include skin issues, high blood pressure,  anxiety, depression, insomnia, and more.

If you are struggling with stress during these challenging times (and who isn’t) please take some time for yourself. If not you then who?

Give yourself permission to be pampered. With this in mind, we have created a special facial to get you started.


Autumn Aroma Therapy Facial: 75 Minutes $165

We all know the combination of stress and sun can wreak havoc with your skin. Fall and winter are the times to nurtureand restore.  

During this facial you will be engulfed in a relaxing aroma therapy of your choosing, while cocooned in our warmed facial bed. Your worries will melt away with your hand and arm treatment.

Bonus: A take home aroma therapy roller ball of aroma therapy.  A perfect way to chase away stress at home or in the office.  Take a from your daily routine? Reserve your time today!  

Micro-needling with Meso Therapy $275 (Savings: $50)

Meso-therapy is a blend of pharmaceutical and homeopathic solutions designed to penetrate to the mesoderm (meso- = “middle layer of your skin for a specific function. 

 The Meso-solutions can be used to stimulate circulation, and /or control cells that are over producing pigmentation or activate cell turnover for collagen and elastin production.  Treatments can be done 14- 30 days apart. 

* Combine with dermalplaining for a flawless finish. ($90 add on)

kybella 2

No more double chin for you!

Kybella (Used for Lipolysis) $600 for 1 treatment / $1000 for 2 TRMT / $1200 for 3 TRMT

Fat lipolysis is a fancy way of saying “liquefying and removing unwanted fat”.

When Kybella is injected under your chin, the  solution goes to work dissolving unwanted fat, your body will pricess it out.

This area under your chin can harbor very dense fat that may require more then 1 treatment 3-4 weeks apart.  

* Combine with Laser Rejuvenation (skin tightening) for a dramatic outcome $300 

Laser Hair Removal: 25% off Selected areas.

Chest, Back, Upper lip or Chin (Save up to $200) *limit 2 services per person at this price

Safe fast and effective 

You can expect 4-10 weeks between growing cycles. You can expect some areas to be hair free in as little as three visits. Hormonal areas: underarm, upper lip, chin and bikini area require at minimum 6 visits.   


Laser Pigmentation

Did you know you can prevent some skin cancers by treating dark spots when they start?   

With summer behind us, NOW is the perfect time to get rid of dark spots and improve your skin health. Our laser scans the skin to target and break up unwanted pigmentations. These will turn darker and peel off over the following week. Some people will need a follow-up visit. (not included)  

  • Face, Chest or Hands $150 (reg. $285)
  • Face and Chest $225 (reg. $385)
  • Hands and Arms $225 (reg. $)
pigmention 2

Jane Iredale Makeup 25% off

(liquid foundatons excluded)

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