Tinting and Perming

Tinting: This semi-permanent color, which is specifically created for the delicate area around the eyes and brows can help give you that pop of color that you need

Tinting and Perming Services

Lash Tint  (30 min.)  $40  Book

Brow Tint  (15 min.)  $25  Book

Lash Curl (aka Lash Lift) (45 min.)  $90  Book

Lash Lift and Tint Combo  (60 min.)  $120  Book

Brow Lamination (Includes cleanup & tint if needed)  (30 min.)  $125  Book

Brow Design  (30 min.)  $40 (3 or more areas receive 10% off)   Book

Brow Maintenance  (15 - 30 min.) (3 or more areas receive 10% off  $30  Book

Lash Lift (45 min.)  $90  Book

Uni Brow Area  (15 min.)  $10  Book


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