Our Laser Hair Removal Pricing (We Are Located in Issaquah)

Laser pricing is based on Standard Treatment Times By Area. Pricing may be adjusted if your treatment needs are greater or lesser than standard.   We are happy to give you ballpark pricing for each area over the phone, and will provide accurate pricing after an in-person consultation. Hair removal is unique to each of us. The amount and color of hair, previous management, and area on the body all factor into your treatment plan and overall cost. For general pricing, please click on the “Book Now” link below.

On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $160 to $400 per session. Keep in mind that multiple sessions are usually necessary for effective and long-lasting results, and these sessions are typically scheduled several weeks apart.

Laser Abdomen – 30 min $300.00

Laser Buttocks – 45 min $300.00

Laser Chest – 1 hr $400.00

Laser Chin – 15 min $160.00

Laser Regular Bikini – 30 min $240.00

Laser Extended Bikini – 30 min $280.00

Laser Complete Bikini – 45 min $300.00

Laser Flanks – 30 min $340.00

Laser Forehead – 15 min $160.00

Laser Full Back of Neck – 15 min $200.00

Laser Full Front of Neck – 15 min $200.00

Laser Jawline – 30 min $200.00

Laser Lip – 15 min $160.00

Laser Lower Arms – 30 min $260.00

Laser Lower Back – 1 hr $400.00

Laser Lower Legs – 1 hr $300.00

Laser Shoulders – 1 hr $340.00

Laser Sides of Face – 30 min $200.00

Laser Sides of Torso – 30 min $340.00

Laser Underarms – 15 min $240.00

Laser Upper Arms – 45 min $260.00

Laser Upper Legs – 1 hr $300.00

If you have not been in for laser with us before you will need to have a doctors sign off before we can perform any laser treatments. Sign offs are free of charge and can be performed on the same day as treatment if time allows. Please call for any additional information or help with booking sign off.

Laser Touch Up – 30 min

It can take up to 2-3 weeks for the hair to shed in the treated area. If some hair remains after week 3 , you will be asked to come back in for a No Cost touch-up.

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